Monique Singleton - The Devil You Know

€ 18,99

Paperback Engelstalig

Aliens are stealing human souls to reincarnate them as slaves in another dimension
How do I know?
…I’m one of them.

My people have perpetuated this atrocity unchecked for thousands of years.
And you know what the worst is? We’re helped by humans with authority.
People you look up to. And more importantly; people you believe.

You are promised paradise, you get hell.

My narcissistic father is central to this scam.
Well, I’ve had enough.
It must stop.
My friends and I are going to bring him down. Him and all the others.

…If my violent, pain-in-the ass human partner doesn’t kill me first.

Do you love intrigue, fast-paced action and plot twists? Then you will love this first book in a breathtaking new series by USAT best selling author Monique Singleton. Get ready for a wild ride that will take you on the trip through multiple dimensions.
The Devil You Know was a finalist in the PageTurner Screenplay-book adaptation awards