Monique Singleton - The Prophecy 2

€ 18,50

Paperback Engelstalig


It’s official. I’m now the Council’s most wanted.

Me, and my army.
Our rag tag collection of Werewolves, Sabre-shifters and any other paranormally gifted creature we can find.
We’re taking on the most powerful organisation in the world; The Paranormal Council.
No pressure, right?

Four months ago, I was an assassin, driven by an unrelenting obsession to revenge my mother’s death. I had no ties, no complications. Now I’m the centre of an age-old prophecy and destined to save the world.
How did that happen?

To challenge me even more, I have not one, but two soulmates who hate each other with a vengeance. Oh yeah, small detail. One has the feline persuasion; a Sabre-tooth, and the other is a Werewolf.
Cat versus dog. The age-old adversity.
Times about a thousand.
It’s a wonder I’m still sane.
That is solely because of one man: Ash. The Blackfoot Shaman.
If he is a man that is.
He could be anything.
…Probably is.
Now all we have to do is win this war and preferably stay alive.
Easy, right?