Kathryn Purdie - The Forest Grimm

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A spellbinding new YA fairytale from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kathryn Purdie, breathing new life into folklore and myth – with a touch of magic all her own…


Once upon a time, villagers would whisper their desires to The Book of Fortunes, and its pages would reveal how to obtain them. All was well until someone used the book for evil. Afterward, the branches of the Forest Grimm snatched the book away and the village withered. The villagers tried to make amends with the forest, but every time someone crossed its border, they never returned.


Despite the warning from her fortune-teller grandmother, Clara embarks on the journey into the deadly forest to procure the Book of Fortunes – to reverse the curse and save her mother and village. Clara’s friend Axel puts aside his longing for her to join the journey – the young travellers have set their minds to defying fate and daring to accomplish what no one else has been able to before.


Alas, the forest – alive with dark, deadly twists on some of our most well-known fairy tales – has a mind of its own…


A dark and sparkling tale of romance, courage and magic. Perfect for fans of Holly Black, Leigh Bardugo and Hannah Kaner

Over de auteur:

Kathryn Purdie is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Burning Glass series, the Bone Grace duology, and The Forest Grimm duology. Her love of storytelling began as a young girl when her dad told her, in his own words, the story of To Kill a Mockingbird while they listened to the film score together. Enchanted, she began her own attempts at storytelling, which usually led to home video productions featuring her younger sister as the nerd or maid, while she reserved the role of the glamorous movie star or princess. Don’t worry; her sister got her revenge.

In high school, Kathryn focused on acting and won first place for a monologue at a prestigious statewide Shakespearean competition. When she wasn’t on the stage, Kathryn spent her time composing sappy poetry and completing at least ten pages in her journal every night. Her author dad edited her school papers and taught her the art of writing. She went on to study acting in college and at The Oxford School of Drama in England. (All that character analysis transferred nicely to writing!)

The writing bug bit Kathryn when she was in recovery from donating a kidney to her older brother. She found her old stash of short stories, and the inspiration for her first novel struck. She’s been writing fantastical stories ever since.

A lover of art in all forms, Kathryn also enjoys singing and playing the guitar. Her husband is equally artistic. They keep busy raising three wonderful and creative children.

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Afmetingen: 163 x 242 x 35 mm

Taal: Engels

Auteur: Kathryn Purdie

Uitgever: Harper Collins Uk

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ISBN: 9780008588311