Stephanie Garber - A Curse for True Love

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The final book in the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy.

Two villains, one girl, and a deadly battle for happily ever after.

Evangeline Fox ventured to the Magnificent North in search of her happy ending, and it seems as if she has it. She's married to a handsome prince and lives in a legendary castle. But Evangeline has no idea of the devastating price she's paid for this fairytale. She doesn't know what she has lost, and her husband is determined to make sure she never finds out . . . but first he must kill Jacks, the Prince of Hearts. Blood will be shed, hearts will be stolen, and true love will be put to the test in A Curse for True Love the breathlessly anticipated conclusion to the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy.

Over de auteur:

Garber was a college resident director when she began writing in her spare time. She wrote several novels and received many rejections until her fourth book, a space opera, caught the interest of a literary agent. When the space opera failed to sell, Garber wrote CaravalGarber has stated that she did not intend for Caraval to be the first book in a series or to be a romance when she started writing it. Two sequels, Legendary and Finalecomplete the Caraval trilogy.

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Afmetingen: 165 x 243 x 37 mm

Taal: Engels

Auteur: Stephanie Garber

Uitgever: Hodder & Stoughton

Uitvoering: Hardcover

Pagina's: 400

ISBN: 9781529399288